by Kawanishi
Since 7/Dec/1998
English version 28/Jan/2001

Hi from Japan. I enjoy electorically powered R/C car, and be interested
in simulation of dynamics, construction of electronic devices, etc,
rather than racing, or driving faster........... It is easy way for me.

Japanese version here

Mini-Z with LED #2

Sprinter trueno AE86

Have fun with R/C on a weekday ! [Kyosho's Mini-Z]

Racing at a conference room with Mini-Z !

PIC, a programable IC is very useful for R/Cs.

You can expand your fun with PICs.
What's PIC ?
Getting started.
Illumination#1 ambulance
Illumination #2 blinking headlight
Illumination #3 Awesome! A Worm R/C decorated with LEDs !
Collaboration with Maru, AORc member.
Illumination #4 Kyosho Mini-Z

Below is data measuring and logging system

LapTalk, an automated lap-timer!
Pulse watcher, for monitoring the control pulse from receiver.
Rev logger. to measure and log a velocity data.
Analysis of the Rev-logger data
Rev-Logger 'G'
This Electronic device that can measure velocity, and cornering-force during the racing !

Torque-control unit for 2WD

Sorry in Japanese only...

Body gallary

Aldrich R390
Sesami Street AlfaRomeo
"No ! Dioxin" Mercedes

'Calculation paint' AlfaRomeo
Bug's Life R34

Red Cross Porsche with illumination

LED-decorated Mini-Z

Analysis of the dynamics of R/C in a circuit

Sorry in Japanese now......Send me E-mail if you are interested.
Simulation system of the running R/C car in circuit.

Basic model of R/C dynamics
-Refinement of the system and parameters.
-Aero dynamics; GT-body vs Touring-sedan body
-How is the effects of light-weighted chassis?
-What is the parameter that is most affective to lap time?
Parameter measurements
-Rolling resistance force
-Weight of the tuning-parts (TA03R)
-Motor-power measured with QUAL-7
-Measurement of the velocity on circuit with data logger.
-Original theory of simulation system by Jugem^2
-Excel file to calculate R/C dynamics

Sorry, but temporary closed.......

Any questions, comments, suggestions are welcome.

All Oyaji RC car Club



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